Myopia & Hypermetropia

Myopia and hypermetropia are two common eye problems which can usually be rectified by the use of corrective glasses or prescription contact lenses. They are both caused by what is known as a refractive error which means that the eye is unable to focus light onto the retina correctly in the same way that it does in a person who does not require the use of glasses or specialist surgery. This is caused by the actual shape of the eyeball and if the issue is not addressed then a person’s quality of life may be affected negatively as they may find it difficult to carry out everyday tasks to the best of their ability.

What is Myopia?

When a person is suffering for myopia then they are said to be short sighted. This is caused by the shape of the eye being slightly elongated which has the effect of light being focused slightly in front of the retina instead of directly onto it. It can also be caused by the shape of the cornea or by the thickness of the crystalline lens inside the eye being too strong. People who are myopic have perfectly clear vision when focusing on things which are close up, but when they look at objects in the distance they find that everything becomes blurred. The problem can be corrected by using a concave lens which refracts the light so that distant images are focused onto the retina directly thus solving the issue.

What is Hypermetropia?

With hypermetropia, or hyperopia, the person suffering from the condition is classed as being long sighted which means that they have no difficulty focusing on objects in the distance but they struggle when it comes to carrying out activities which require near field vision, such as reading and writing or using a computer. This can be caused by the crystalline lens being too weak to direct light from distant objects onto the retina correctly or by the shape of the eyeball or cornea being slightly concaved. Again, this eye problem can easily be addressed by means of corrective eyewear and a simple eye test is all that is required before a qualified optician is able to recommend prescription glasses or contact lenses of suitable strength.

Treating Myopia and Hypermetropia Using Laser Eye Surgery

In modern times we have seen the introduction of new surgical procedures which are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for prescription eyewear completely. The person suffering from myopia or hypermetropia can opt to undergo what is now a routine procedure known as LASEK or LASIK, which is used to reshape the cornea so that it functions correctly without additional help. Although this type of surgery can be quite expensive, many patients report highly positive results although it may not be suitable for everyone. A lot of information is currently available regarding both procedures and a qualified optician or ophthalmologist should be able to answer any questions you may have concerning this quick and painless laser-based surgery and assess your suitability beforehand, enabling you to make up your mind if laser eye surgery is the best way forward.